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Getting Started with Easy Accounting

All tasks and reports are accessed by means of the Easy Accounting Tab added to the Excel Ribbon. The use of each button should be obvious, but I’ll explain each one as we go along.

First start by adding your business details to the set up page. Open this page by clicking the Set Up button in the main Group of the new Tab in your Ribbon. Now simply enter information about your business. After you have done this your business name, etc will be on any reports, invoices etc. that you produce. There are a few items that need pointing out.

  1.  Default Message for Emailing Invoice: here you can enter a standard message to accompany your invoices if you choose to email them. You can change this as often as you please. Note that you will need a valid email address for your customer.
  2. Financial Year Starts: You must enter the date that your Financial Year starts, it could be the first fay of trading but if you are unsure ask your accountant.
  3. Default Invoice Settlement Period in Days : This is the number of days, if any, that  you will allow your customer before payment is due.
  4. Prefix: You might want add a Prefix to your invoice number, this could simply be SI for Sales Invoice, in which case type SI here, You could use a formula to create a reference to the Month and/or year. Typing this formula =UPPER(TEXT(TODAY(),"mmm-yyyy")) will prefix your invoice number with the month & date of the invoice.
  5. Starting Invoice Number: You might have been using a diferent invoicing system or invoice boo, if you want to continue with the same number sequence enter the last  invoice number used by that system.
  6. Currency: You can choose your currency from this drop down list. The chosen currency will be used in your invoices and some reports.

 That’s all the information required to set up the accounts for your business. The button below labelled Categories allows you to view the list of Expense and Income categories or Cost Codes, you will see the benefit of these when we get to Financial reports. There is a default list of Expense categories included and it should not be necessary to change these. There are a number that you change listed as Other Expense, but remember once you have changed one of them do not change it again.

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